Conversations with Interesting Latter-day Saints from across Canada

ICM_002_kristen_mckendry_300Today my guest is LDS author and humourist Kristen McKendry.  Kristen’s books span many genres, including romance, murder mystery, biography, and historical fiction.  She has even written children’s books.  With such a ranging repertoire,influenced by her LDS culture and flavoured by her humourous take on life, she has been able to reach a wide ranging audience in the US and Canada, inside and outside of the LDS culture.

Discover with me what makes Kristen McKendry an interesting Canadian Mormon.

In Part 1, we discuss Kristen’s many interests, including urban gardening, playing the bagpipes and banjo, and her desire to help others live according to their values through the workshops she teaches in the community.  We discuss the value of being a regular reader, and the importance of teaching our children to love to read.