Conversations with Interesting Latter-day Saints from across Canada


Today my guest is John Hamer.  John is a historian, specializing in the history of the Latter Day Saint movement. He is a past president of the John Whitmer Historical Association.  He is also a gifted cartographer, or in other words, he makes maps.  His maps have been used in many history books, and documentaries, including the Joseph Smith Papers.

Another interesting fact about John Hamer, is that he is a member of the Community of Christ, formerly known as the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  In this interview, and in the Spirit of interfaith dialogue, John shares with us his interesting Latter Day Saint perspective.  In part 1, John shares with us his faith journey, and his heritage as a descendant from early Kirtland Latter Day Saints.  In part 2, he answers specific questions a Mormon might have about the Community of Christ.  Naturally there will be similarities between the two churches, and there are some major differences too.  This interview was a real eye opener for me, as John helps to dispel some of the myths about the Community of Christ.  Discover with me what makes John Hamer an Interesting Canadian Mormon.

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