Conversations with Interesting Latter-day Saints from across Canada



Part 2 of 2, John answers specific questions a Mormon might have about the Community of Christ.  Naturally there will be similarities between the two churches, and there are some major differences too.

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Today my guest is John Hamer.  John is a historian, specializing in the history of the Latter Day Saint movement. He is a past president of the John Whitmer Historical Association.  He is also a gifted cartographer, or in other words, he makes maps.  His maps have been used in many history books, and documentaries, including the Joseph Smith Papers. Continue reading


Beatrice Smuck, is the mother of Lynn Sellars, who is the mother of Sherry Pockett.  In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the historic Lorraine Chapel on Saturday July 26, 2014, Travis Fantina conducts this inter-generational interview with these three women of faith.  They share their memories of the construction of the building, and memories of service over the years in this building.


Paul and Pamela Shuh are among the original members of the church in Kitchener who helped raise funds for, and personally construct the Lorriane Avenue Chapel.  In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of this historic building Continue reading


Part 4 of 4.  Captain Canuck Q&A.


Part 3ICM_006_richard_comely02_300 of 4. Timeline, from the Beginning to Today.

Part 2ICM_006_richard_comely01_300 of 4. A Canadian Superhero is Born


Today my conversation is with Richard Comely, a commercial artist who is best known for creating Canadian comic book superhero Captain Canuck.  First published in 1975, Captain Canuck has had several incarnations.  Currently, there is an animated web series (  There is also another comic book series in the works.  In the mean time, there will be a special Canada Day edition due to be released on June 28 in comic book stores and public libraries everywhere across Canada.  Continue reading


Elaine Fischer is the co-founder of the Kitchener 2nd Ward Annual Fun Run, which takes place on Saturday June 7, 2014.  She is passionate about physical fitness, and through the Fun Run event, is able to share that passion with others in her community.

In our interview she explains how regular physical activity is not only good for the body, Continue reading

ICM_003_michael_clifton_150In part 3 of 3, we discuss Michael Clifton’s contributions to the community as the founder of Strummerfest, a Kitchener-Waterloo multi-venue music festival remembering singer/songwriter, Joe Strummer (1952-2002), of the Clash Continue reading