Conversations with Interesting Latter-day Saints from across Canada


ICM_003_michael_clifton_300Today my conversation is with Michael Clifton, Director of Public Affairs for the Kitchener Ontario Stake.  In his public affairs role, he has organized several multi-faith firesides in which leaders from other faith traditions Continue reading

ICM_002_kristen_mckendry_300In Part 2, we focus more on the writing process.  Kristen explains the methods she uses for writing, some of which may be considered unorthodox by other authors.  Continue reading

ICM_002_kristen_mckendry_300Today my guest is LDS author and humourist Kristen McKendry.  Kristen’s books span many genres, including romance, murder mystery, biography, and historical fiction.  She has even written children’s books.  With such a ranging repertoire, Continue reading


Part 2 of 2 – Understanding the Old Testament.


As members of the Church study the Old Testament in this year’s Sunday School curriculum, we will encounter some messy and disturbing subject matter.  For example Continue reading


Over the next few weeks I will be launching a new podcast called Interesting Canadian Mormons. I am very excited about this project. For a long time I have listened to many Mormon-themed podcasts, from all ends of the bloggernacle spectrum. Some of my favourites include Continue reading